Lot’s Wife Edith

 We all have a little Edith within us. We can get on our hands and knees and pray for forgiveness. We would beg and say to God that we would change our ways if he got us out of a bad situation. Then….the next month, the next week, the next day and for some, the next minute, we would go right back to the badness of sin!!

We all remember the story of Lot’s wife Edith. God told Lot and Edith to leave their old life behind in Sodom and do not look back! Unfortunately, Edith turned around and God turned her into a pillar of salt. Thank goodness that God no longer turns people into a pillar of salt. I doubt there would be anyone left on the Earth if he continued that form of punishment. The human race would be extinct because of our desire to sin. Also, we are thankful that Jesus died for our sins so that we can pray for forgiveness.

So what was God trying to tell us about change and removing ourselves from sin? He wants us to change in a way that is just mind blowing because he will destroy people and places that condone sinful behaviour. It’s about packing up your old life, moving away from a bad situation and changing your sinful ways. Yes, that is a bit drastic, and not that affordable in this day and age to move. We are also stubborn when it comes to our comforts and may find it distressing to think about leaving behind all of our attachments that make us who we are. However, just think if we could all start over with a new slate? Who would you want to be? Wouldn’t you like to reform yourself into a better person?


Dear God

Thank you for your continued blessings in our lives even though we are sinful and do not deserve such mercies. Thank you for not turning us into pillars of salt when we do not follow your guidance. Help us to examine our hearts and lives to remove the temptations which cause us to be sinful. If you would like us to move away from a bad situation, please show us the signs. We know that any door that you open, no man can close. This new door will be a way to a better life because it is your plan. 




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