Meet Eve

There are times in my life where I cannot resist the temptation of indulging in something that I know is wrong. Why do I want it when I know the outcome will be bad for me? At times I wished it was a simple of having that extra slice of cake, then at least I could workout and lose the calories. I’m talking about SIN. The sin that FEELS SO GOOD at the time. You know what I’m talking about.

To name a few:

Gossip – pre-marital sex – lustful thoughts – wishing others misfortune – lies

Why do I do it?

Did I tell someone’s business to another person who could help out with the situation? No

Knowing that I am not married and I knew that the guy was never going to marry me, but I have needs and sex is pleasurable. Isn’t God supposed to fulfill my needs?

When I see a guy who is so sexy that my brain automatically thinks sexual thoughts and social media is feeding my addictions. Why are my thoughts unclean?

I wish bad things to happen to people who do me wrong? Why didn’t I instantly forgive them and leave the wrongdoing to God to resolve?

I like to lie to get myself out of uncomfortable situations? Why didn’t I confess and ask for forgiveness?

Meet Eve

Eve was the first woman in the Bible. The first to indulge into the temptation of SIN. Also the first to get another gullible person, Adam, her husband to sin. To top it all off she was behind the whole scenario known today as the “fall of man”. What a burden she had to carry for SIN?

Guess what God did to Eve? God cursed her and womankind to a life of sorrow and pain in childbirth and to be kept under the power of her husband. HOWEVER…..God also BLESSED her with many children. Eve is looked upon as the MOTHER of ALL CHILDREN.

God did not forsake Eve or decided that she deserved a lifetime of punishment for her sin. He blessed her even though she sinned.


God, I know that I am far from perfect. My list of sins go on forever! You are the most merciful God and no matter what sin I committed, I pray that you will forgive me. Please use me for my good and allow me to be a blessings to others. Forgive me of all my sins and as I forgive others that sinned against me. Help me to examine my heart of all my wrongdoing so that I can seek forgiveness. 


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