Dedicated Ruth

What to do when life keeps dropping boulders and limes? At times I feel when it rains it surely pours. One bad thing happens after the next. I look around and other people are smiling because they have that great job, a loving husband and beautiful children. While I am just sat here looking into my tub of ice cream wondering what is the point of my life.

I am in a job that is not the ideal role for me and know that I cannot spend the rest of life doing it. The best thing about the day is leaving and collecting my pay. I know that I am fortunate as a lot of people don’t have a job, so I am thankful.

I have been single for a long time. I have not met anyone who could be considered “marriage material” because they are not ready for anything serious. I have prayed to God so many times to send me my husband to fill that longing. When years would pass, I would go back and read articles on the “unwed” woman and how she serves the church. After these internet searches, I would cry and feel depressed because that is not the life I want. Then I would go on social media and people are getting divorced, losing their husband through an accident or illness or living with cruel husbands. That is also not ideal.

When it comes to children, I feel that emptiness in my womb and hear that ticking biological clock. I do all I can to be good to children that I meet, hoping that one day when I have children this blessing will pass on to them. I do fear that when I finally meet my husband that we cannot have children (another unnecessary worry which has not even been raised yet!).

Dedicated Ruth

Ruth is the woman I aspire to be above all biblical women. Her husband died and she had two young children. She carried on to take care of her beautiful children even though this was not the ideal life she imagined.

She took care of her grumpy mother-in-law, Naomi, after the loss of her husband. Any sane woman would have said “good riddance you old bat!!” Yet, she followed Naomi to a foreign land and continued to be faithful and kind to her.

To top it off, she was working in the field doing work she did not like, from morning until night. Plus she was not earning a great salary either. Yet, she did not complain.

The owner of the field Boaz took her hand in marriage after she resisted temptation of becoming his mistress. God blessed her eventually for her loyalty, faithfulness and kindness. He elevated her status from field worker to owner of the field. He even blessed her with more children.


God, I know that I can be difficult at times. I can also be ungrateful of my circumstances. Help me to examine my life to elevate what is keeping me from fulfilling my goals and dreams. Please help me to adjust my attitude when I lose faith and become unkind. Guide me so that I can be dedicated and loyal to the people who employ me as they keep a roof over my head and food on my table. I am grateful that I can turn to you in times of need. I know that you will bless me beyond my greatest desires and all I need to do is continue to pray and have patience. Thank you for blessing me when I know I do not deserve such abundance.


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