Bitter Naomi

We all have a person in our lives that does nothing but complain. You have to wonder what is wrong with them….again? Whenever you are in the same room, you feel the life draining from your soul. You give them advice, but they will ignore it and do nothing to change their circumstance.

Yes, bad things happen to people all the time. However, it is the GRACE of God that keeps us moving forward. If we do not move beyond the pain, how will we see the light and new blessings? Why keep staring at the closed door?

Keys to identify your Bitter Naomi:

  • She never asks about your life or if you are doing ok
  • She dwells on how good her life “use” to be
  • She does not believe life will get better
  • She does not try to improve her circumstance, or does so with little effort
  • She is usually alone because people avoid her like the plague

I believe God has placed a Bitter Naomi in our lives to teach us compassion and patience. Can you imagine being in a world where people are happy and positive all the time? I would think that they were on some kind of illegal substance. Yet, this is the way we should try to be most of the time.

Yes there will be set backs, loss, sickness and failure. However, we do not need our problems to define the rest of our lives. That is not living a life of faithfulness. That is living a life WITHOUT GOD!

Our sorrows teach us how to be strong. Every time we overcome a problem, it can no longer defeat us. We will be defeated if we keep going back and living in the pain to break our hearts over again. We are meant to be conquers of life and soldiers of God. We are meant to be an example to others on how we suffered badly, but with the GRACE of God we pulled through.


God, I thank you for the strength that you give me to get up every day, even when I know it is hard. I may not understand why I am going through such sorrows and disappointments, but I trust in you always. Heal my heart from the brokenness, so that I can move forward to a better life. Help me to be a blessing to the Bitter Naomi in my life, so that I can show her that with you, all brokenness can be healed. Teach me to have compassion for others who are hurting. I thank you for bringing me through my darkest hour and I have faith that you will continue to bless me and others in my life. 


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